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Business Ecosystem Design & Consulatancy

Your Business Is An Ecosystem. Let's Make It Thrive.

Just as a forest relies on a balance of life to sustain itself, so does your business.Conscious Consult specialises in supporting & maintaining balanced, sustaianable business ecosystems through thriving environments and relationships.At the core of life and any effective system are strong relationships and empowered individuals.Our unique approach to creating thriving businesses focuses on enhancing, refining and improving these core dynamics of a business.We work with businesses and teams to develop strong, efficienct interconnected ecosystems that perform at their best by creating environments that are life affirming.Be it marketing, communication, or workflow design, we work towards one goal: a thriving business that enriches both you, your team and your community.

Consultancy Services

Assess your business communications, connection & environmental health or refine your systems with our consultancy service.

We offer a range of consultancy, system design or training options for your business.
We work specifically with human-centered businesses that have a strong ethical or environmental stance, who pride themselves on their social impact & support healthy production.
Would you benefit from improving:

  • How your environments & communication establish your business & support expansion?

  • What systems you need to create a sustainable & manageble business as it grows?

  • How best to attract, serve and sell to your community?

Our services are catered to your business needs and include:

  • Working One to One Coaching CEO's developing communication skills and relationship awareness.

  • Working with HR teams to analyse and improve company policy and working relationships and understand disability impact.

  • Providing workshops for groups to understand power dynamics, improve communication channels and be disability & diversity inclusive as well as being trauma informed.

  • Deliver training to teams (in person and online) to improve communication skills including NVC, self advocacy, critical feedback, boundaries and more.

  • Audit work environments and communication systems.

  • Provide additional self-improvement training and development spaces for teams to learn, heal and improve their health and well-being at home.

For small teams and indivudally run businesses we offer:

  • One to One mentorship supporting business development, communication skills & self-mastery.

  • Provide full audits and assessments of current business processes & environments to develop tailored strategies that improve & streamline systems.

  • Design, implement & manage Business Ecosystem designs.

  • Produce tailored graphic and branding visuals as well as templates and website design.

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Business Ecosystem Support

We offer an adaptable, innovative approach to designing business ecosystems.

We work with your team one-to-one, in groups for training or through workshops, or integrate as part of a team.We also provide online training and supprtive learning for larger teams and to provide your business with an ongoing resource.We focus on gathering data, analysing your relationships both internally and with your clients or audience understanding your market positon.With a strong emphasis on practical resolutions and undertraining realistic data, we provide practical achieveable and easy-to-implement solutions.

About Us

Who We Are & Why You Should Care

From Dirt to Digital — The Conscious Transition

Changes sometimes come when least expected, forcing us to see things in a new light. That's what happened at Conscious Consult.Rooted in real-world community projects and permaculture, we found ourselves transitioning into the digital sphere and supporting individuals to improve their health, wellbeing and relationships in online businesses.A development of our understanding of how life thrives, as part of an interconnected ecosystem, we were able to develop an in-depth understanding of how to create systems that thrive.We create healthy environments that allow individuals to thrive, meting their needs and encouraging honest, athnticc communication which drives contiual improvement and joint success.At the heart of all businesses is human connection and meeting needs. When this is forgotten enviroments can become stagnant and human potential stifled causing businesses to face problems.We work with organisations to recreate, redeisgn and develop thriving environments for their teams, customers and production.
We do this in a physical, personal and practical way.

  • We consider how the environment looks and feels and the subtle messages the physical space is sharing.

  • We look at communication channels and how effective they are at delivering the core messages and key insights teams and customers need to be fully on board with the brand and it's vision.

  • We offer advice, strategies, one to one coaching, group workshops and more to suit the needs of your business and team.

Our Philosophy

We stand firm in permaculture ethics and principles.
Earth Care, People Care & Fair Shares are the corner stones of honest, effective ecosystem, design.
We believe in authentic connection and expression, embracing diversity, and setting clear boundaries.Just as in nature, diversity and authenticity lead to resilience and growth.We aim to apply these principles to create business environments where your business, your team and your ideal clients can genuinely thrive.

How Are We Different?

We apply the wisdom of natural ecosystems to your business.We go in-depth to develop a fully considered business ecosystem based on symbiotic relationships that help every aspect of your business connect and thrive.Utlising modern technology, automations and even AI (if it will help) we optimise every aspect of your business.We consider the power dyniamcs at play, the sharing and accessbility of resources and how user friendly the business systems are.Bringing into account the diverse needs of our population while staying true to your brand, your ideal client and the needs of your production and support team.

Ecosystem Design

What is Business Ecosystem Design?

Unlike generic, one-size-fits-all strategies, we at Conscious Consult view each business as a unique environment and consider your unique qualities. After all, your available talents and skills are important, and you want everyone involved to benefit from your business!We consider the many ways a business communicates, with its clients, team, community, and through print, sound, visual and kinsthetic exchanges.

Business doesn't have to be boring.

You may feel stuck in the swamp of conflicting advice and strategies or well meaning advce.
You might fell challleged by work place demands for disbaled teammates or meeting the needs of a talented yet diverse workforce.
We provide practical, considered and evidence-based solutions with a structured and tailored approach.
It is possible to create a business as resilient and self-sustaining as any natural ecosystem.

What makes our approach stand out?

Instead of getting lost in disconnected, impersonal strategies, we apply the wisdom of natural ecosystems to your business.Designed in an accessible way so a diverse range of people can understand, Business Ecosystem Design offers a tailored framework that meets the needs of all invested parties.We create visuals and workflows presented in different formats to ensure anyone can grasp the concept easily. This enables you to harness the innate strengths of all your team members and each element within your operation.It's not just about survival; it's about flourishing in a way that's ethically grounded and uniquely yours.

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